Find the right renters faster with the Trust Score

The Trust Score combines credit information from Equifax® credit checks with multi-layered verification protocols and more to help you screen tenants quickly & effectively.

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The Trust Score utilizes credit information from Equifax® to corroborate tenant-submitted information, giving landlords a secure & accurate measure of applicant’s suitability while simplifying the tenant screening process.

Reading the Trust Score

The Trust Score is a comprehensive tenant screening tool designed to measure a renter’s reliability. Compare applicants at a glance with a single score, then view a detailed breakdown to see key information like:

Equifax® credit summary
Income verification
Court Records
Risk Assessment
Employment Verification
And more

Protect your investment

The wrong tenants can quickly lead to complaints, costly damage, and missed rent payments. Here’s why the Trust Score is such an important tool for today’s landlords:

Interest rates
With Canada’s rising interest rates, it’s more important than ever to minimize vacancies and cut out missed rent payments.

Minimize risk, maximize profit
Prevent costly repairs and vacancies to keep your rental business profitable by avoiding troublesome tenants altogether.

More than a credit check
Find the right tenants the first time. The Trust Score looks beyond finances to give you an accurate picture of applicants’ reliability.

Unlock the power of the Trust Score

Discover tenant screening solutions that bring peace of mind to your rental business.

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More than just a credit check

The Trust Score goes beyond credit scores to give a complete picture of prospective tenants’ reliability so you don’t miss out on rent payments. Here’s what’s included:

Credit Summary

An extensive analysis of the applicant’s credit history from the last 4 years on all accounts, powered by Equifax® credit checks.

Risk Assessment

An overview of potential risk factors that could affect the applicant’s ability to make rent payments on time.


A proprietary metric designed to measure applicants’ integrity and transparency by manually verifying their income, identity, employment, and more.

Rent-to-Income Ratio

A percentage calculation that evaluates applicants’ ability to pay rent, based on gross monthly income divided by the amount of their rent payments.

How it works

Learn more about the Trust Score

Build your tenant screening expertise with’s library of Trust Score resources.

Learn more about the Trust Score

Build your tenant screening expertise with’s library of Trust Score resources.